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These pages are in lieu of a blog, I intend to set up. Some are answers to questions left on my book website-email.

Initials used in the book;

I hated having to use them, but decided to do so, to prevent any possible national embarrassment for individuals and former clients.

On a limited basis, to selected individuals, I will release some additional information on a VERY CONFIDNTIAL BASIS to provide some additional credibility to their part of my story.

Obviously, I cannot provide to every book purchaser. And I will add to this document and resend when and if possible.

Thanks, in advance for your confidentiality!

G R - George Repper, an adviser mentioned in the Dean Witter early years, top producer in NY and US

G R had numbers tattooed on his wrist, when I inquired, he told me he was marching into a Nazi death camp with his family as a teenager, a big man of 6’5”, and he escaped by chancing a jump behind a bush in a split second and made it to New York.

If you recall the badly damaged above ground , enclosed walkway from the first tower which resembled a subway car, was the walkway George would take when bringing me to his and his wife’s(she worked with him part time-no children that I know of) Most wholesalers couldn’t even say hello to him.

His client’s name, I can’t recall (probably wouldn’t provide it if I did) was a former partner of a famous Eastside Jeweler, the reason for the guards, we passed by to make the sale,,,, Diamonds.

Last I knew he retired to his summer home in the Hampton’s

The manager of G R’s World Trade Center Branch office was John Olsen, he was on TV a few times discussing his walking down 90 plus stairs in the 2nd tower after just having a prostrate operation. It collapsed seconds after he stepped out onto the street.

H F – Harvey Fabricant, although really not exactly trained in pensions, he did what you’re supposed to; kept in touch with pension leads over the years and “his ship came in". He got the 401k with Kmart (over a Billion), at the time, Prudential was the only company set up to handle that large of a plan, and H F moved his practice and that plan became his practice. I was fortunate to convince him to place several of funds in the plan and that was huge.

I believe he retired

I will add to this list if and when it’s appropriate.

My mother was “claimed” by the Qlemby family, Jewish, International Importers with a location on 5th Ave, later moved to Great Neck, Long Island. They treated her like a daughter and took her all over .

My father volunteered into the US Army-World War II

Many have asked “why did it take you so long to get a college degree? The answer is I grew up poor in a project , my father worked 2 jobs and my mother worked the 2nd shift a at Pratt and Whiney Aircraft, my father had a 4th grade education was a farmer, my mother 6th grade and a farmer. They just didn’t have the background to provide educational direction, I went to parochial school thru 9th grade, it wasn’t perfect, but the nuns were like extended family, I was lost in public high and after I flunked Geometry for the 2x, I naively thought that meant I couldn’t go to college; “no one told me that Einstein flunked math and had to learn to draw his theories” (I was in the college curriculum, but after that I switched out, actually, I tried to quit school altogether.) I was walking down a long corridor in high school and bumped into Mr. Engle my English teacher (he seemed to be the only one who cared anything about me). I would have included him in my book but for the life of me I couldn’t recall his name until the book was published. When I told him that I just dropped out of the college curriculum,. Well in my mind I can still here his loud scream” Noooooo! !!!Why did you do that? I had all kinds of plans for you”. But I was cocky, and it was done, I knew I wanted to make a lot of money so I became a an electric power lineman, climbing 40foot poles with a pair of hooks and a belt(bucket trucks were just beginning to come along), when my foremen got electrocuted, I started going to night school, my Sat’s were horrendous Total Score=754, I couldn’t get into college if I wanted to, but I started to do well in night school and I learned a word that changed my life “matriculation” I tell friends It enable me to get into college thru the backdoor




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